Tesco faces record £4bn equal pay claim

Thousands of woman who work in Tesco stores may be receiving back pay, reaching £20,000 each and a total of around £4 billion if the legal challenge demanding parity with men who work in the same area is successful.

Even though their work is comparable, hourly-paid female store staff earn less than men.

Tesco have released a statement saying that they work hard to ensure all staff are paid ‘equally and fairly.’ Tesco said it worked hard to ensure all staff were paid “fairly and equally”.

Solicitors have told the BBC it was time for Tesco to tackle the issue of equal pay for equal work.

Findings show that the common hourly rate for women is at £8, whereas the hourly pay for men has reached £11 in certain circumstances.

The most common rate for women is £8 an hour whereas for men the hourly rate can be as high as £11 an hour, she added.

Birmingham City Council is now liable for over £1bn in payments after settling an equal pay claim from women employed as cleaners, cooks and carers. Their pay was below men in comparable jobs such as bin collectors and road workers.

Tesco said that all their staff could progress equally and were paid fairly, whatever their gender or background.

Two workers for Tesco told the BBC they wanted fair treatment, arguing that their jobs in the stores were as demanding as warehouse jobs.

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