Personal Injury

If you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault and feel that you might be entitled to compensation, then you are already going through a difficult time without having to scour through the numerous firms looking to blindside you by pitching No Win No Fee and that they can offer you thousands of pounds in compensation.

Most of these firms are delivering a sales pitch. However, we believe that No Win No Fee can be the best way forward when it is properly explained and not oversold.

Our personal injury solicitors in Birmingham and Nottingham will make everything clear to you so you know everything you need to know and that you will not end up out of pocket by making a claim. Our Personal Injury team will deal with all aspects of the claim, meaning that you can move forward from your accident and look ahead to the future.

We are highly trained and have expertise in handling claims with a personal touch and a clear and thoughtful approach tailor made to our clients’ individual means.

Our personal injury solicitors in Birmingham and Nottingham can handle your case in the following various scenarios:

  • accidents at work
  • road traffic accidents
  • accidents on private land or in shops and buildings
  • accidents involving children
  • accidents on the street or public highways
  • accidents abroad or when travelling on boats and in aeroplanes
  • fatal accidents
  • injuries caused by negligent medical care or treatment
  • injuries and death caused by exposure to harmful substance or chemicals
  • occupational disease and stress claims
  • catastrophic injuries
  • dog bite injuries
  • criminal injuries

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