“New Year, New Start” – Why couples tend to split in January

While many people will have been dreading the return to the office after a Christmas break, others may have seen solace in January after a Christmas-fuelled break up.

Monday 7th January had been dubbed ‘divorce day’, as solicitors across the nation were primed to handle an unusually high level of divorce enquiries from unhappy spouses.

Christmas a ‘make-or-break’ point in marriage

According to Amicable, the divorce support service, over ‘40,500 people will search divorce online in January…25% higher than at any other time of the year.’

The blame for this spike is down to the pressures behind Christmas: whether that be the need to host a ‘perfect Christmas’, the financial troubles many families face during and after Christmas, or tensions bubbling over as a result of family arguments.

This is similar to what we see around the summer holidays, but many argue that the unique pressures of the festive period, and the sentiment of renewal with the start of a ‘New Year’ allows for couples to look towards divorce as a more viable and attractive option.

Good numbers, worrying trend

Recent divorce figures show that the heterosexual divorce rate had been at a 45-year low, as well as a 5.6% decrease in opposite-sex couples divorcing, in comparison to 2016.

Even though figures look positive, many experts blame the decrease on a reduction in marriage itself, with the highest divorce rates seen between those aged 40-49, where children will have left the marital home and couples are left to their own devices.

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