New study shows couples who marry in their mid-30s more likely to divorce

New research suggests that couples who marry later are those more likely to divorce.

Whilst many may believe that couples marrying in their early 20s is mindless, and at some point the need to expand your career choices or deciding to move away might get in the way of a healthy marriage, a study has suggested its actually those that get married later that could suffer from a divorce.

Nicholas Wolfinger, a professor of family and consumer studies, carried out research on the connection between age, marriage and divorce.

He analysed data from the National Survey of Family Growth ranging from 2006 to 2010, and concluded that you’re much less likely to divorce if you marry in your late 20s.

The chances of divorce appear to increase when newlyweds reach the age of 30 and onwards.

The data collected looked at couples aged between 15 and 44-years-old. Professor Wolfinger then looked at data from the same organisation, this time collected between 2011 and 2013 and concluded the same; those aged between 28 and 32 when they married had the lowest risk of eventually divorcing.

If you’re reading this, thinking of getting married, and you turn 30 next year, it may pay to do so now.

He claims the increase in divorce is due to the establishment of your own personality when you are older, you are more likely to be assured of your own choices and less likely to compromise.

According to, the average age of newlyweds in the UK in 2017 was 30.8 for women and 32.7 for men.

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