Mobile phone satnavs causing prosecution queries

Some drivers are now being prosecuted for using mobile phones as satnavs, according to motoring experts.

Millions are raised yearly from the prosecution of UK drivers that use their devices at the wheel, after confusion over guidelines around navigation apps.

Since April, new penalties are being enforced, sometimes for those even touching the device at the wheel.

The department for transport is telling drivers not to ‘use’ their phones, whilst police have been informing people not to ‘touch’ them.

Navigation apps are technically legal to use, the issue only arises when users must touch the phone to continue use.

The Crown Prosecution Service’s own guidelines even admits that “there has been some debate about what ‘use’ means”.

Convictions can lead to a six point penalty as well as a £200 minimum fine.

Courts and police services reportedly raise at least £40,000 per day in mobile phone fines which is the equivalent of £14.6 million per year.

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