Charitable gifts in wills continues to rise

The charitable gifts being left in wills is on the rise. Alongside this is a rise in the amount of disputes made by charities against reviewed wills.  

Co-op legal services conducted a survey that noted one in ten people are now leaving gifts, compared to one in sixteen just one year before.

This rise is in part down to the fundraising priorities of charities, who have now seen a strong take up in free wills schemes between charities and participating solicitors, including the October Make a Will Month, which encourage people to make such gifts.

Charity challenges in wills

There has also been an increased amount of charities challenging re-written wills that no longer include them.

Earlier in the year, the Daily Telegraph reported that Dogs Trust, Friends of the Animals, Animal protection and Heart Research UK all involved themselves in a dispute around a will that had changed, leaving their potential £340,000 monetary gain out of the updated testament, as they believe it was written when the defendant ‘lacked mental capacity’, following her diagnosis of a brain tumour.

Private client solicitor Dawn White at DBS said: “It is important that a person’s wishes regarding their estate and their effects are made abundantly clear through a professionally written will that takes into account mental capacity as well as ensures that any charitable gifts are included.”

“Any changes made to wills after the fact should also be made in the same capacity, in order to ensure that any challenges are unfounded if your will adheres to professional practices.”

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