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Employment tribunal fees deemed unlawful in Supreme Court ruling

July 26, 2017Employment

The Supreme Court has deemed Employment tribunal fees unlawful after ruling in favour of trade union Unison after a four year battle to overturn the fees.

In the decision, the Court ruled that the fees were blocking access to justice in this area of the law, and that the fees were indirectly discriminate to women, who bring about a higher proportion of employment cases to tribunal.

Unison general secretary Dave Prentis hailed the ruling as “probably the biggest victory of employment rights in this country”.

Fees ranged from £390 to £1,200 with discriminatory cases charged at much higher rates.

The government introduced the fees initially in 2013 in order to prevent malicious and weak cases heading to tribunal. However this led to a reduction of 79% in such cases since then.

What this means

What this will mean is that the Government will have to repay those who paid for an Employment Tribunal case since they came into effect in 2013. This will cost the Government upwards of £32m.

This means that if you have been mistreated at work by your employer, or have been unfairly dismissed, you should now feel more confident in taking your case to court.

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