Are you eligible for an Employment Tribunal fee refund?

Three months after the Supreme Court cast out tribunal fees, the Government has vocalised new plans to refund some that have previously paid for said fees.

On the 20th October, the Ministry of Justice announced a ‘first phase’ refund scheme, directed at those who applied for a single claim refund. This will be sent to an primary group of only up to 1000 people, those that contacted the department since the Supreme Court’s ruling on 26th July.

If you have paid tribunal fees and have not been personally written to, registration online or by post is another option that many are currently taking.

‘Efficiently and effectively’ are the words used by Dominic Raab, Justice Minister, to describe the four-week long refund phase that is being rolling out. Further to this, the Government will be working with trades unions to discuss how people with multiple, larger claims can apply for a refund.

Are you eligible for a refund? Those who are fall under the following categories:

  • Those that have paid a fee directly to the employment tribunal or employment appeal tribunal, without being reimbursed by their opponent to an order of the tribunal.
  • People that were ordered by the tribunal to reimburse their opponent the fee and who can show payment proof.
  • Representatives who paid a fee on behalf of another person and has not been reimbursed.
  • A lead claimant in a multiple claim who paid a fee on behalf of the other claimants.

If you are unsure about where you stand in this process, more information will be released after the scheme has officially begun.

Employment Tribunal fees are now a thing of the past, so you should feel confident and comfortable in bringing a claim against your employer if you have been treated unfairly or unlawfully. Call 0800 157 7055 or email to see if you have a case against your employer.

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