Divorce – think about your pets!

Pets are often the central figure of family life, so what happens when divorce strikes?

The law in England and Wales states that a pet is to be treated as an item of personal property. Disputes arise when conflicts cannot settle who gets to keep the pet. They often end up with whoever either, spent more financially with, or time looking after them.

Ethics have been questioned when pets are used as bargaining chips against those that want ownership, yet aren’t eligible for it.

It also becomes an issue when couples have little in the way of assets and the only contention is who gets to keep the pet.

Shared care is often considered impractical, however shouldn’t be disregarded as an option. For example, no sole legal ownership is necessary when either party takes care of the pet on a day to day basis.

This idea of shared care also helps those that cannot settle who has complete ownership over the pet, and keeps both parties relatively content in the process.

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