Divorce stories: Baby name dispute

A pregnant woman has opened up about her dismay when her husband and soon dad-to-be requested that their child be named after his ex lover.

The husband fails to see any issue with the request, even after backlash from the internet, and insists that his want is reasonable. To make matters more offensive for the wife, he is blaming her actions as the result of fluctuating hormones.

Upon taking to reddit, the woman mentioned a potential divorce, explaining that even though not his longest previous relationship, the name he wants for the baby is of the women he claims to have ever loved the most.

She goes on to explain that in the early stages of their relationship the couple experienced issues due to this very ex, however ever since the women in question moved elsewhere she thought the issue would be over, yet his was a wrong assumption.

The husband claims that he wishes to name this child and in return, she can name their next baby.

However the wife still remains in disarray as she questions why her husband would want something constantly reminding them both of his ex, and that its causing troubling questions such as ‘does he still love her?’ to cause rifts in the relationship.

In the comments section, floods of support came in favour of the wife, one commenter stating: “I’m more concerned about his lack of respect for you as his partner, his number one, his wife.”

Many urged the woman to divorce her husband, with one saying: “Divorce him and name her after yourself so he has to call his daughter by YOUR name every time he speaks to her.”

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