Deliveroo riders seek fairer employment rights

Deliveroo drivers are beginning the process of seeking employment rights at a tribunal, in a challenge to reform the increasing ‘gig economy’.

The company is tied to 15,000 drivers that deliver fast food to your door. They operate in the gig economy, in which employees work for different firms without a fixed contract, and are classed as self-employed – meaning they are only open to basic employer rights.

Supposedly, the drivers enjoy their flexible working hours however many MP’s have criticised its operations and claim ‘riders should be entitled to rights such as holiday entitlement and the minimum wage.’

A firm working on behalf of the 45 couriers that have submitted claims against Deliveroo will be attending a preliminary hearing on November 2nd.

A lawyer acting against Deliveroo says that their argument is ‘riders are controlled and managed and disciplined by Deliveroo and  that they clearly do not carry out their own delivery businesses.’

In opposition, the delivery company claims that they want to offer security via injury and sick pay, yet claiming that the majority of their drivers do actually earn over the minimum wage.

They are calling upon the government to ‘update legislation’ so they can dispel the controversy around the flexibility of self-employment paired with security.

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