DBS Plus: A brand to reflect our constant commitment to giving you added value

A lot has happened since 1999, when our original brand came to be, which has revolutionised the way that professionals live and work, and as commercial businesses, we must adapt to meet the needs of an ever-changing market.

In the last eighteen years, we have seen wide-sweeping change across the Midlands with major regeneration projects attracting businesses of all sizes to the region, accelerating both potential and opportunity for local businesses.

On a more individual level, we have also seen a big shift in terms of our culture. Most notably in how we communicate, thanks to the emergence of the internet and smartphones as the main tools that we use to share our views and receive information and news.

This shift towards a society where businesses need to be able to be able to assist their clients from anywhere and any device has led to businesses changing how they choose to interact and support their clients, no matter where they are.

At DBS, we have always been proud to be known for being very innovative and forward-thinking as a law firm, always looking for new and different ways to connect, not only with our clients, but with the wider business and local community.

Adding value to businesses

Thanks to the economic downturn, the internet age, and the confidence that consumers have with online shopping, we have seen the reemergence of the freelancer and the start-up business. As technology becomes cheaper and more  accessible to people, the start-up costs for businesses in certain sectors become less and less, empowering a new, more diversified economy of small business.

The new services have been created with businesses in mind. Offering vital professional services that some businesses may not have the expertise in, or the cashflow to hire staff to fill the skills gap. Our offering gives clients the confidence to expand their business without breaking the bank, with as much or as little involvement as they like.

As part of the new services, our Atrium Network has also features as part of the DBS Plus brand. The network is a referral scheme that offering a host of benefits including a 9% referral fee and a non-poaching agreement to accelerate growth by empowering businesses to offer more services to their clients.

The DBS Plus logo

This shift towards being a professional services firm has led to a shift in our visual identity, which is why we have created DBS Plus.

The new logo features a vibrant multi-coloured Plus on a dark blue-black background. The Plus symbolising the firm’s mantra to offer additional services and provide
added value to clients and the wider community.

The vibrant colours correspond to a different service that the firm offers:

• orange representing our new range of accountancy services; with
• magenta for our new marketing offering;
• DBS Law’s services continue to be represented by the green that the brand was built upon; and
• the sky blue that takes the north of the Plus signifies the Atrium Network scheme.

Changing how we connect with clients and businesses alike

The change in identity gave us the perfect opportunity to look at the brand as a whole, both internally and externally, and at how we communicate with our clients contacts, and how we can better connect with them.

We’ve developed a host of new communication tools set to provide more information and added value to everyone connected with DBS. Starting with a more engaging social media and online presence, including a revamp of our email communications and a host of video content to educate people on the services we offer, as well as update on news from around the industry.

Our newsletter has also received a major overhaul, as we launch our Dossier series and online updates, led by our fee-earners and supported by our partner businesses, with insights into the professional services industry and with comments and analysis on current events.

The commitment towards insightful content goes further as our monthly Lunchtime Debrief events bring together local businesses and experts to discuss topical industry issues at our offices in Birmingham and Nottingham.

The importance of staff in the creation of DBS Plus

In any rebrand, it is very important to be able to convey not only who you want to be as a company, but also properly convey who you and your team are.

The business has seen the staff come together as one and completely change the way we look at how we connect with the local businesses community, whether it be through the Atrium network referral scheme, or our event offerings such as the Lunchtime Debrief events and the community events we run through DBS Heart.

This new identity is actually more a true reflection of what we’ve become as a company through the culture and the commitment which embodies everyone at the company. Always looking to find new ways to connect with people through collaboration and teamwork, and always looking to give something back to the community.

DBS Plus, as a brand, looks to portray this commitment and company development which has led by the staff, to better showcase what the brand has become, and how we will continue to develop ourselves as a business to provide the most for our clients and contacts in the local business communities.

Bringing Law to life for our personal and commercial clients

  • corporate law
  • commercial property
  • commercial litigation and dispute resolution
  • employment law
  • residential property conveyancing
  • family law
  • wills and probate
  • personal injury compensation

Keeping your accounts in order, whether it’s personal returns or financial consultancy

  • tax return preparation
  • inheritance tax planning
  • capital gains tax planning
  • rental income
  • pensions
  • financial business consultancy
  • maintain your books and records
  • run your payroll services

Supercharge your brand with our marketing and design services

  • copywriting
  • design work
  • events management
  • marketing consultancy
  • marketing plan creation
  • online and social media management
  • rebranding and brand management
  • campaign creation and management