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DBS to help world’s poor in trainee programme overhaul

July 24, 2017Uncategorized

Trainee solicitors at Midlands-based professional services and law firm DBS will take part in an international humanitarian mission as part of their training at the firm.

The move, announced at a meeting with trainees and management last month, comes as part of a partnership between DBS and Sikh Channel Aid, a charitable relief and development agency set up to tackle poverty and its causes by developing innovative and sustainable solutions.

Trainees would take part in one of the regularly scheduled week-long missions that are set up through the charity, helping some of the world’s least fortunate.

DBS chairman Davy Bal has recently completed a mission to Kenya through Sikh Channel Aid, and said that the opportunity for trainee solicitors would give a true value on the company culture of community value:

“The main thing I took away from my mission to Kenya was how we become immune to what is happening in the poorest areas of the planet through the images we see on a daily basis.”

“This is shattered when you actually get up close to people desperate for life’s essentials.”

“What we are looking to give our trainee solicitors is an opportunity to make a real impact in people’s lives and to give something back. Something that is synonymous with the legal profession and our company values in any case.”

Trainee solicitor Manmeet Lotay has hailed the change as a unique opportunity, “The fact that I would be given the opportunity to be a part of an aid mission as a trainee just goes to show how forward thinking and innovative the firm is.

“A training contract with DBS is not just about learning and developing legal skills, but also to develop as individuals and invest in the community, a core value that’s shared throughout the firm.”

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