Cambridge leads the way in UK property price surge

A new report has shown that properties in Cambridge have surged by three times the national average.

The report compiled by the Office for National Statistics shows which areas of the UK are rocketing ahead with property price growth, as well as those flagging behind.

Cambridge property prices have increased by up to £63,000 a year, whilst the recognised affluent areas of Kensington and Chelsea have fallen by £145,000.

The Orkney Islands, Eden and West Dunbartonshire were among the most improved areas for housing prices.

On the other hand, the City of London, Guildford and Southwark were areas that have, surprisingly, experienced the worst decreases in the value of properties.

After being promised a £7billion, government funded investment into new roads, rail links and homes, Cambridge saw a growth totalling 3x the national average.

Another area with double-digit growth was Eden, in Cumbria, where an average house now costs £206,000.

Southern England saw a price surge of 13.9%, house prices now reaching an average of £394,000.

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