Bruce Forsyth leaves children out of the will as wife Wilnelia gets £11.5million

Sir Bruce Forsyth has left his £11.5 million estate to his wife Wilnelia.

His seven children have been left nothing, including those from previous marriages. Some speculate this is a tactic to avoid an inheritance tax bill. This idea began after Forsyth had previously believed that ‘your inheritance should go to your children more than back to the country you’ve lived in.’

This statement would also imply that his children may receive indirect inheritance, and their absence from his will simply due to tax.

When his nine grandchildren are 21, they will inherit £100,000 each, as well as £20,000 to the two executors of his state. The rest of his assets went to his current wife, Lady Wilnelia.

Bruce’s children and Lady Wilnelia have an apparent close relationship, with Wilnelia previously thanking Bruce’s daughters for accepting her into the family. Upon meeting, Bruce’s daughters were aged just 4 and 5 when they met, and 20 years later the children were all supposedly with Bruce at the time of his death.

Davy Bal, contentious probate solicitor and chairman of DBS, has commented on the situation: “We may see a challenge to the will by the children in the coming months, although there is speculation that Bruce Forsyth wished to avoid inheritance tax as he has said previously, “I think your inheritance should go to your children more than back to the country that you’ve lived in.” Planning for tax implications without compromising your wishes is possible with careful advice and early planning.”

In complicated situations such as above, some people may contest the will, as they feel they have been directly impacted negatively from it, e.g. being omitted when they feel they should have been included.

DBS can help when contesting a will, making the process much simpler and supporting you through the process. We can also help you through the steps of writing your will. We will ensure all of your wishes are included and written appropriately.

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