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Ampletech gets new look with DBS

July 17, 2017Marketing

New IT support and infrastructure provider, Ampletech, have launched their new logo and brand identity which was created by the marketing and design team at DBS.

The logo, which compromises a cursor pointer symbol as part of the Ampletech moniker, is to represent the ease to access IT support at the click of a mouse, and to align the company more as a IT services provider.

DBS has also designed a letterhead and business card, with the latter including three service section graphic designs to create a strong brand resonance and greater iconic symbolism to the cursor pointer logo.

Josh Henwood, Marketing Officer at DBS and the architect behind the new visual identity, expressed his delight at the finished product: “The Ampletech project was a really exciting prospect for us, especially as we were told we had a blank canvas.”

“We wanted to pitch an idea that showcased their business. One that made it clear what they did, but also showcased their main selling point.”

“That’s where the cursor pointer logo came from. The simplicity element of sophisticated IT solutions and support being on hand at the click of a mouse is something we wanted to represent through the brand quite strongly through the logo and also through the service symbols as well.”

“We’re pleased that the staff at Ampletech enjoy the brand as much as we do here, and look forward to seeing them taking strides as a business.”

Arvind Gusain, director at Ampletech, said: “We are delighted with such an excellent concept provided by DBS and the end result. We have recommended them to many and would definitely use them in the future.”

“DBS were great in understanding our requirements and creating something that worked brilliantly with our brief.”

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Josh Henwood

Josh Henwood

Marketing Officer

Josh Henwood is the Marketing Officer for DBS and an affiliate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Josh has been leading the Marketing department for the past three years, growing the DBS brand in the Midlands, and creating new avenues to provide customers and commercial partners added value.

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