Handling your books so you can focus on what matters

At DBS, we provide an accounting service that’s made to measure, giving you the opportunity to pick and choose services that you would like us to perform.

For our commercial clients, we offer you a range of financial services and accountancy solutions aimed to save you both time and money, so that you can focus more of your energy on your clients, and growing your business.

Our accountants offer assistance on returns, tax planning, and payroll services. For a more complete service, we also offer financial consultancy for both personal and business clients, so you can stay ahead of any financial changes that are upcoming, and to get the most out of your finances.

Accountancy services for businesses

Our accountancy team offers your business a range of accountancy solutions aimed to save you time and money, as well as enable you to focus on growing your business. If you are a small business or a start-up business, the likelihood is is that you don’t have a dedicated accounts department to handle your books.

DBS Accountancy allows you to outsource these tasks to expert accountants so you aren’t left to worry about producing reports and documents that you have no experience in producing and remain legally compliant.

Beyond that, an expert accountant overseeing your business helps you to make better business decisions thanks to being able to provide a financial perspective.

Whether you want an accountant that is highly involved in all the financial aspects of your business, from payroll to maintaining your books and records; or if you’re looking for minimum involvement that needs an expert hand, such as preparing your returns and consulting on minimising your tax and financial liabilities.

Our team can help with:

• minimise your tax liabilities
• financial business consultancy
• preparing your accounts
• maintaining your books and records
• completing and submitting your VAT returns
•completing and submitting self-assessment returns
• running your payroll services

Accountancy services for individuals

Make sure you stay on top of your finances with tax and financial planning with our expert accountants at DBS Accountancy.

Our high-quality accountancy team provides clients with a wide range of private and commercial accountancy services including:

• tax return preparation
• inheritance tax planning
• capital gains tax planning
• rental income
• higher income child benefit charge
• pensions
• self-assessment returns for trusts & estates
• financial consultancy

Bringing Law to life for our personal and commercial clients

  • corporate law
  • commercial property
  • commercial litigation and dispute resolution
  • employment law
  • residential property conveyancing
  • family law
  • wills and probate
  • personal injury compensation

Keeping your accounts in order, whether it’s personal returns or financial consultancy

  • tax return preparation
  • inheritance tax planning
  • capital gains tax planning
  • rental income
  • pensions
  • financial business consultancy
  • maintain your books and records
  • run your payroll services

Supercharge your brand with our marketing and design services

  • copywriting
  • design work
  • events management
  • marketing consultancy
  • marketing plan creation
  • online and social media management
  • rebranding and brand management
  • campaign creation and management