A Midlands family law firm that

DBS Law has a proud history and tradition of helping families and individuals in the next phase of their lives, by offering services in family law and personal injury compensation claims.

With offices in Birmingham and Nottingham, we’re proud to have helped thousands of families, and to have done so with excellent client service and innovation at the core of what we do.

The law firm looking at the full picture

DBS Law is a family-oriented solicitors firm, both in terms of our approach as well as our main legal service offering, with services provided in family law and personal injury.

Client service is in our DNA

At the core of our business and our service is client care. We’re proud to say that we were the first law firm to receive the Government Cabinet Office’s Customer Service Excellence charter mark award.

Through our combined history, whether it be through DBS Law and Claim Today Solicitors both across the Midland and nationwide, we have integrated high-street law firm service with nationwide law firm processes to provide a tailored service to our clients with a focus on utility and innovation.

Proud to be part of PKA Legal Ltd

DBS Law is part of PKA Legal Ltd, and as such we look to build upon our history, and continue to be a law firm known for its great client care and family-focussed approach.

With PKA Legal Ltd, we look forward to helping our clients further with their matters from when you look for more information on our website, to finishing your matter with us and looking for your next steps.

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