DBS Heart: Connecting business to the community

DBS Heart is a community interest company connecting businesses in the Midlands to the community in an effort to support local charities that make an impact in the region.

Our goal is to connect the business communities of the Midlands and create bigger, more impactful CSR projects in order to give back more to the communities we serve, in an environment that benefits everyone.

Our events are specifically tailored and made with businesses in mind, such as our annual events and fundraisers. We always look to connect together local businesses with our offering in order to create a greater impact whether that be through attending or partnering with us at our events.

Our history

DBS Heart came from humble beginnings in 2001, when DBS chairman, Davy Bal, decided to make the most of some old office computers. Rather than throwing them away, we donated them in support of a local charity. The project was established with the aim of bringing more to life, to connect businesses with the community.

Since then, we have worked tirelessly to develop DBS Heart, forming partnerships with local and national charities and causes in order to give back to the communities we serve.

Over the past decade, we have developed road safety education projects with the Birmingham City Council, including school workshops, community outreach and, most notably, our Clock on to Safety concerts, which have taught over 3,000 children in Birmingham the importance of safety on the road.

In 2015, we became a community interest company where we refocussed our project’s mission to incorporate the business communities of the Midlands to support us in our aim of accelerating the positive impact for local charities. To this end, we raised the profile of DBS Heart through a series of networking events, an annual charity cricket tournament, and a series of one-off events in partnership with major charities, raising thousands of pounds for the local community.

How we support local charities

Our fundraisers and larger events provide funds for local projects in the Midlands. Our annual BLAST cricket tournament has raised thousands to provide road safety education to Birmingham schoolchildren and for local hospice care. We also create formal events, such as one we led in Nottingham that raised over £17,000 for children’s charity KidsOut.

Through the full range of DBS services, DBS Heart is also able to offer charities a legacy fundraising tool which varies from offering discounted wills to helping to design and implement a campaign for supporters as well as a range of other preferential services for supporters and employees.

To find out more about how our events and how we support charities through DBS Heart, contact Josh Henwood by emailing josh.henwood@dbsplus.co.uk

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